Eaten By Zombies

It is with a heavy heart that Max and I have to announce that it looks like the expansion, or any future reprints, of Eaten By Zombies, just isn’t in the works.

We both are so happy that so many of you have shown your continuing support and love of the game, but between having trouble getting the art lined up and rising costs of materials to actually get the game made we are unable to do it. The cost of getting the game produced to match the quality of existing games has nearly tripled since the Kickstarter for “Burn it Down,” leaving us unable to produce it at a cost that would be at all feasible.

So what does this mean for all of you, the fans of the game? Well, frankly, we don’t know. Max has been and is still looking at a few options to make the unreleased content available to you in some way. As soon as we come up with something we think will work, you will all be the first to know.

Thank you all, again, for your unwavering support and for your patience as we have tried to get this figured out. Please continue to follow our Facebook page and check in on our website…as I will continue to blog there (I know, I haven’t in a while…but I am working on stuff as we speak) and we may get some more Max’s Brain videos up there and he has a few new projects he will be posting soon!

Your friends,

The OTHER Ginger, Jondi Schmitt-Soper &
The Ginger Man himself, Max Holliday

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