Am I a Board Game Snob?

I hear a lot of “board gamers” lament about how they grew up playing board games, and then they talk about all these old, kind of obscure games like Dark Tower. I didn’t discover “designer” board games until I was well into my 20’s. Sure, I played board games when I was a kid…but I played games like Sorry, Monopoly and Disney Trivial Pursuit.

The first time I went to GenCon (I was pretty much forced to go, almost against my will), I had no inkling of the new world that was about to open up to me. I’m told by my traveling companion from that first GenCon that the look on my face when I got my first look into the exhibit hall was “priceless.” I really was like a kind in a candy store as I walked up and down the aisles of that exhibit hall. I think I played more board game demos that first year than I ever have since. I couldn’t get enough of them because I had never dreamed there were so many different kind of board games.


Who and What is Ginger Ale Games?

GAG_logo-01TRANSPARENTGinger Ale Games is the brainchild of game designer Max Holliday, and was created with co-founder Jondi Schmitt-Soper (aka The Other Ginger). It is small start-up company/community run as a co-op with each member of the team having an equal voice and equal reward. The company was started as a means for gamers to make games on their own, as their own.

We, at Ginger Ale Games, aren’t just about trying to make and publish great games…we are about BRINGING GAMERS TOGETHER! We want to be a community for gamers…to share a love of this great hobby and all things related to it!

Ginger Ale Games also serves as a “bridge” of sorts, tying together the wacky nerd lives and adventures of Max Holliday and Jondi, The Other Ginger. Follow our nerdlife adventures on social media, if you’re so inclined. If you see us at a show, stop us and say HI! We love meeting new people and adding to our circle of friends!

Everyone who follows our FB page, our Twitter…reads our blogs…etc. YOU are our Circle of Friends and we are grateful for each and every one of you!


GAG_logo_Max-01Max Holliday is the not-so-fearless leader of the Ginger Ale Games team. He has more than 20 published games under his belt to-date, with various board game publishers – including Mayday Games and Tasty Minstrel Games.

MaxHeadshotMax is a graphic designer, 3D animator, game designer and game developer all rolled into one, and the driving force behind Ginger Ale Games. His first published game as a designer was Eaten by Zombies!, published by Mayday Games in 2011. When Eaten by Zombies! hit Kickstarter, it raised more than $47,000 with over 1,000 backers and was the most successful card game Kickstarter to date, at the time. It was followed by an expansion in 2012.

Since Eaten by Zombies!, Max has worked on the graphic design and development of numerous games such as Get Bit! and Walk the Plank with Mayday Games and Harbour with Tasty Minstrel Games. He is also a member of the Board Game Designers Guild of Utah, which is where he discovered designer Aaron Watts, who designed Bring out yer Dead – which became the first Ginger Ale Games project.

Max enjoys games with card-driven mechanics, but he will play just about anything. He attributes a lot of his design influence to film and story driven media. Take a peek into the workings of Max Holliday in Max’s Brain. You can also keep up with Max’s Brain and his wacky nerdlife on Twitter!

GAG_logo_Jondi-01Jondi Schmitt-Soper, aka “The Other Ginger,” has been working in or around the board game industry since 2011 as a board game demoer and a convention/events organizer. She has done board game demos for several game publishers, including Japanime Games and Mayday Games.

Jondi has a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Southern Indiana and while she was still working in jondithe newspaper field, she won numerous awards for her writing in news, editorial and feature divisions. When she left the journalism industry, she began internet blogging and learning the reigns of social media marketing and public relations. It wasn’t until her time serving as Vice President of the Board of Directors for The D20 Girls Project, a national non-profit organization aimed at promoting women in nerdy industries like board games, video games and technology, that she discovered her true passion in the board game industry.

The two gingers of Ginger Ale Games first met during GenCon in 2012, where they immediately began discussing possible projects to work on together. Eventually, when Max began to develop his idea to start his own game company, Jondi was the perfect fit to help him with PR, Marketing and Social Networking.

Jondi’s loves to play deck-builder style games, but also enjoys worker placement and story-driven games. She will play about any kind of board game, at least once. Read more about Jondi in her blog, The Other Ginger. You can also follow Jondi on Instagram and Twitter!

Burn it Down!

Burn it Down!” is the latest expansion for the smash hit game of un-dead slaughtering fun, the original zombie deck builder “Eaten by Zombies!!!” Ginger Ale Games is currently re-developing this expansion, and getting art for a hopeful Kickstarter relaunch. (Timeline currently unknown.)  (more…)